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Group & Private Classes

For your personalized yoga needs


Group Classes

Group yoga classes are a wonderful bonding experience for you and those in your community. A group yoga class includes a physical approach to strength, stability and flexibility, and a focus on the subtle body through breath,  kindness, curiosity, meditation and rest.

Consider a group yoga class for a birthday, wedding, sports team, club, corporate event or any special occasion where you are looking to do something just a little bit different. A group yoga class is a fun, low key way to get together and destress.

Classes can be held in studio (rental fee included) or out of the comfort of your home if spacing allows. Please inquire for pricing.

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Private Lessons

One on one yoga is a fantastic way to deepen your knowledge of the practice, whether your interest is in postures, breathwork, meditation or all three! Every student can benefit from the attention and singular focus of a private lesson, as they provide a tailored experience for your specific needs, desires and goals.

  • Navigate current or previous injury

  • Refine your alignment

  • Develop an at home practice 

  • Build strength and flexibility

  • Reduce stress and enhance overall wellness

Lessons can be held in studio (rental fee included) or out of the comfort of your home. Please inquire for pricing.


Sound Healing &
Chakra Balancing

A moving and healing experience with seven quartz crystal singing bowls, koshi chimes and gong. As we are primed to receive sound, the instruments can evoke true transformation. You quiet your mind, listen with your heart and absorb the sound. Internal shifts of consciousness can occur when you are introduced to the vibration of these elements.


Participants experience a deeper state of not only relaxation but awareness. Know that you have the ability to connect and awaken your own inner healer. Through the ebb and flow of life we are constantly working through emotions or challenges, it is said that when you work with the quartz crystal singing bowls - things seem to accelerate. Crystal singing bowls are one of the most powerful chakra balancing tools available because of this.


The vibrational frequencies of the bowls resonate with the physical body, harmonizing of the heart and the mind.

Available for private or group sessions. Please inquire for pricing.  

Please contact me directly for more information and pricing regarding all private classes and specialty yoga workshops. I am available to plan successful and useful yoga based experiences for individuals, groups and corporate events.
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